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Anyone know of any insurance companies in Massachusetts that are cheaper and that a trans/gender therapist and an Endro doctor would work with?
Endo, not endro.

Any Trans-savvy therapist or doctor will bill your insurance in a way that will get you covered and will have the sense to not put any mention of you being Trans or having GID anywhere on the paperwork. Therapists will generally bill you for anxiety or depression or something equally generic; endos will bill you for a hormonal imbalance.
ah sorry i forgot to read and spell check it. Ever since i saw your spell check icon i've beem spell checking on here. I forgot this morning though.

Thanks :-D well thats good because if they found out i was trans the insurance company that is wouldn't they not cover it?
Depends on the policy, but most do not cover anything related to transition.
Yes which is unfortunate.
Yeah, generally if anything is listed as for transgender stuff, it won't get covered. For hormones, generally it will get covered unless they figure it out, and for the most part they don't. The big thing is, when they do it's a huge BOOM and you're stuck with all the bills.

Diane Ellaborn's on the BC/BS list, but she won't bill insurance until you've completed a 12 session evaluation at your own cost and there's some kind of processing fee if you want her to bill insurance.

My second therapist Daphne Sutter is trying to get set up for insurance, but she's just opening her practice.

Here on Cape, Crossroads medical will bill virtually any insurance, and I don't think they even look for letters. They handle transwomen's estro in house and refer to a urologist for T, but the office they do referrals to only does transdermal.
ah thank you. The Cape is abit of a drive but i'll check it out.
Just my luck i want to use a patch. I'd rather not be injected or inject myself.
I think they use the gel stuff.
ah thank you.