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Anyone know when  the Northeast Regional FTM Campout at Cauldron Farm in Hubbardston, MA will be held [in terms of a date]?

Also, could i go if i am not certain of my gender but am still thinking it over? I know i fall between Gender Queer/Varient and Transgender.
Thanks. Forgot they had a website.
there are many guys who go there who are genderqueer. i went there when i was still questioning whether or not to transition and it was just fine, no identity policing happens there at all. in fact it was really good for me as it was the first time i'd had people use male pronouns for me, and three days of that and i felt really awesome. i'd definitely encourage you to go.
That's awesome. I'll try to get one of my trans friends to come either that or i'll have to take a train.
where are you coming from? i might be able to hook you up with a ride. you can email me at ergiwarriorATyahoo :)