TIC in October is fast-approaching and the committee is working hard to get logistics underway. We have a few notes to pass along as the conference date draws nearer.

We are pleased to announce that we've launched the updated version of our website, which you can check out at http://www.uvm.edu/~tic. It's still undergoing construction, so check back frequently for new updates. Registration should be up and running within the next month or so. We'll send out an email letting you know as soon as we open it up.

In other news, we are very excited to announce our keynote and plenary speakers! Respectively, they are Kate Bornstein and Imani Henry. Below you will find brief biographies and background information for
them both.

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather and we look forward to
seeing you all in the fall!

-The TIC Committee

Kate Bornstein

KATE BORNSTEIN is an author, playwright and performance artist. Kate's published works, taught in over 120 colleges and universities globally, include the books Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us; My Gender Workbook; the cyber-romance-action novel Nearly Roadkill with co-author Caitlin Sullivan; and her latest book, Hello, Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to Suicide for Teens, Freaks, and Other Outlaws. Kate's plays and performance pieces include Strangers in Paradox, Hidden: A Gender, The Opposite Sex Is Neither, Virtually Yours, and y2kate: gender virus 2000.

Kate was born outside of Fargo, North Dakota in a log cabin ze helped hir parents build. Hir father was a Lutheran minister, and hir mother was Miss Betty Crocker, 1939. Kate has lived in the queer ghettos of Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle. Ze currently lives with hir partner - sex pioneer, writer and performance artist Barbara Carrellas - in New York City, along with their two pugs, two cats, two turtles, and a thriving well-populated ant farm.

Imani Henry

Since 1993, Imani Henry has been a Staff Organizer at the International Action Center (IAC), where his work has focused on national organising of communities of colour and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and Transgender movement toward broader social justice and anti-war campaigns. His anti-war activism has ranged from opposing US-backed military inventions in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Haiti, Korea, Palestine, Somalia, Venezuela and Yugoslavia to fighting to end the economic blockade of Cuba. He has worked nationally within the anti-police brutality and anti-death penalty movements as well as fighting the freedom of all political prisoners incarcerated by the US government. Henry is the co-founder of Rainbow Flags for Mumia, a coalition of LGBTST people who demand the freedom of African-American political prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu Jamal. As a former staff member of The Audre Lorde Project, Imani has worked with TransJustice, the first political group of NYC created by and for Trans and Gender Non-Conforming people of colour.

Imani's writing has appeared in several publications, including the Lambda Award-winning Does Your Mama Know (Red Bone Press); the newly released Voices Rising: Celebrating 20 Years of Black LGBT Writing (Other Countries 2007); and soon-to-be released Marxism Reparations and Black Freedom Struggle (World View Publishing 2007).

For the past 12 years, Imani has worked as an HIV/AIDS education and prevention service provider, directing and supervising HIV prevention street outreach initiatives in the cities of Boston and New York. Trained in the philosophy of harm reduction, he has served as an advocate for homeless & street Transgender, lesbian, bisexual and gay young people. He is a consultant and trainer providing technical assistance in areas such as racial, gender identity and sexuality sensitivity, program development and community organising.

Imani is a graduate of the School of Performing Arts of Emerson College. Currently he is touring with his multi-media theatre piece, B4T (before testosterone), segments of which were featured on a episode of the nationally-syndicated PBS newsmagazine "In the Life."

(These bios were taken from Kate and Imani's websites.)