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Denise Leclair, Executive Director
International Foundation for Gender Education
PO Box 540229
Waltham, MA 02454-0229
1617 694 4450
email: media@ifge.org
website: http://www.ifge.org/

Denise Leclair Selected as a Nonprofit Congress Delegate

[Waltham, MA] October 10, 2006 – Denise Leclair, Executive Director of the International Foundation for Gender Education, has been selected to be a representative of the Transgender Community at the Nonprofit Congress National Meeting, to be held October 16 – 17 in Washington, DC. Over 400 individuals from 48 states and the District of Columbia applied to be delegates for this unprecedented initiative to unite nonprofits and strengthen the charitable sector.

The Nonprofit Congress is national movement to build a diverse network of local leaders to identify and address the challenges that all nonprofits face in meeting and advocating for community needs. Nonprofit Congress organisers Audrey R. Alvarado, executive director of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations, and Robert Egger, founder and president of D.C. Central Kitchen, were recently honored as 'NonProfit Times' Power and Influence Top 50', an annual list of 'leaders shaping the nonprofit world.'

At the National Meeting, hundreds of delegates from across the country will converge on Washington, DC to identify the values that all nonprofits share, develop a vision and priorities for the nonprofit sector, and exercise a collective voice. Their work will be informed by data gathered from over 100 Town Hall meetings in 40 states and the District of Columbia.

Nonprofit Congress delegates will represent the broad interests of the nonprofit sector and mirror the geographic and issue diversity of charitable organisations. Additionally, delegates will bring forward the concerns of traditionally underrepresented groups.

Registration for the National Meeting is open to at-large participants at http://www.nonprofitcongress.org/

"I am honoured to be a representative at the Nonprofit Congress National Meeting." said Ms. Leclair, IFGE Executive Director. "It is incredibly empowering to be able to bring the values and needs of the Transgender community to such an influential and motivated group of leaders."

The International Foundation for Gender Education is a Massachusetts based non-profit working 'to promote acceptance for Transgender people through education', and one of the oldest Transgender advocacy organisations. Ms Leclair has held several key positions within IFGE since 1998, and was appointed Executive Director in 2002.
hellohello... i'm posting for two reasons:

1) i'm looking for an FTM gym buddy. i've a membership at Gold's gym in Amherst, right next to Umass. i'd like to go every Saturday and do weights and stuff. (i do early morning yoga twice a week there also.) i've never lifted before, so i've got a ways to go.

2) Transgals! apparently Gold's gym in Amherst is hosting Simply Smooth laser hair removal on October 19th, and it is FREE for gym members!! i'm not sure if they would do facial hair, but this could be a great way to get something done, like chest or back. even just joining the gym for this month is way cheaper than most hair removal appointments, from what i understand. just FYI! :)

(mildly xposted)
From an e-mail.

Hello Everyone,

We have all done it and may have thought of it: “I’ll someday get to listen to GenderTalk ...”

On the recent shows it been announced that Saturday 30th Sept 2006 will be the last show of GenderTalk with Nancy Nangeroni, Gordene MacKenzie, Hal Fuller, Raving Raven and of course Engineer Mark Weaver.

GenderTalk - the show that talks about transgenderism in the first person - has aired for 12 years. They present news, information, and exciting new voices that challenge our traditional view of gender -- and more.

Sometimes it would be Trans music artists, Trans radio hosts from different stations, Native American news and rights or lack thereof ... GLBT support and laws, Transgender Rights, Transsexual Emergency Shelter project, and much more.

So if you’ve been thinking, “I’ll someday get to listen to GenderTalk....” Saturday the 30th would be a good time to do so.

To listen:

Live Online: Saturdays, 8:00-10:00 PM, US east coast time - http://wmbr.org/?p=listen
On the Air in Greater Boston: Saturdays, 8:00-10:00 PM - tune your radio to WMBR 88.1 FM.

GenderTalk is also broadcast/streamed on:
* TransFM.org
* Global Talk Radio
Please check their schedules for broadcast/streaming times.

Web site: http://www.gendertalk.com/
To contact any of the staff: http://www.gendertalk.com/radio/contact.shtml
It’s been talked about having people come to the station for the last show. To get there, see http://wmbr.org/?p=directions

WKJCE after 30th Sept will air archives of GenderTalk and hope to work with TransFM to get more Trans programming on their station.
I have a question... A friend of mine is in school at the University Of New England in Biddeford, Maine. She was asked, in one of her classes, to do a demonstration about being gay, and to see if there was any way she could find someone who would do a demonstration on being transexual. The problem is, the friends of mine which she wanted me to ask to demonstrate it, just moved to Washington, and I don't have anyone to send her way. Normally I have friends that can do this.

Anyone interested? It would be November 30th in Biddeford, Maine.
Anyone know where Michael Heath (the head of the Maine Christian Coalition) lives?

I processed a contract today at my office for a Michael Heath, and I'm curious if it would have been him...
Dear Massachusetts, New England Veterans, Allies and Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that earlier this month The Massachusetts Chapter of The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA) officially got underway. Our first kick off was held in conjunction with the Worcester, Massachusetts Pride/ and Worcester Business Pride Expo on Sept. 9th. We had alot of interest and manage to even sign up some members.

Or Second Official kick off will be held in conjunction with Transcending Boundaries & PFLAG's Northeast Regional Conference being held at the DCU Center in Downtown Worcester, Massachusetts from October 27 -29th, 2006.

Would you like to join The Massachusetts Chapter of The Transgender American Veterans Association (TAVA)?? You don't have to be a veteran, transgendered, nor GBLT to be to be a member or to be involved in any way. We welcome Allies, Associates, Medical Providers, Family and Friends to also be a part of our organisation. All you need is a desire to help veterans who have served to protect this country and people that are facing difficult times during and after a statewide disaster.
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Cool, trans New England.
I recently found out New York's not technically part of New England, which is silly, but there you go. BUT. My home is in CT; I'm just here for school. So can I hang out?

Name's Jack; 18; pre-everything transboy currently attending school as male en route to a graphic design degree.

Hope we can do some networking here, trade ideas and the like.
hey people...'just a short intro from a ne transplant (the other way)...i grew up in vt and nh, school in northern ny, with family still in nh and ct and a close t-friend in bawstan so i'm up visiting quite a few times a year. i've been in va for a few years now but would like to get back up in to the ne...otherwise, post-op a few years, in the workforce as an engineer, likes ncis (abby is the absolute coolest, my goth attire at work mystifies a few...), computers (10~12 hours/day at the keyboard), in-line skating (but the left arm is currently in a cast ~_~) and other generally geeky stuff...so i hope you'll let me lurk a lot...tnx
Ok, Ive got a problem and I dont know what to do. Ugh, my appologies to EVERYONE who is affected by this, but I just cant help it.

Right now I am currently in at least 4 relationships, and the worst part is I love each and everyone of them all equally, but in a very intense way T_T. I dont really know what to do.... I can't help it! does the fact that I am basically flirting and hitting on 4 different people make me a slut?......

Help me...
Me: Veronica, 23. mtf. Jamaica Plain, Boston. Kind of manic depressive... but therapy and hormones shall soon alleviate this :o)